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Ok, the link is now http://telegram.me/EverGreenCoin - posted by StevenSaxton

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I can answer you that too. There is no offical date for the website at the moment but it will be online this year for sure. If Steve got a release date he will annonce it the same day :)

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Thank you very much for answering that in my absence Albert! Yes, the new website is going to be a tremendous asset. And the price will surly be impacted positively from it. We are staging the new website to test it. We still have a lot of work to do for the marketplace still but, we are working on it diligently. It will be live before the month's end. I know everyone is anxious, I am too. A lot of the people working on it do so after-hours so, admitably, it is taking longer than originally projected but, I assure you, it is well worth the wait. This is not just a 'website' we are building but truly a portal that will facilitate the growth of the EGC ecosystem now and well into the future. Much planning and thought has gone into it and we do aim to surpass all coins web presence, bitcoin included. We do have some truely clever aspects we have conjoured up. Thsanks for remaining patient! :)