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I believe this would be it: https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - posted by StevenSaxton

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🍃Here's the link to today's EverGreenCoin public meeting: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/lakp7fj5sbephijcktspntnlhee

Thanks for the continued support and have a good weekend! 🍃

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Hi greenies of Telegram!

Here is the link to today's EverGreenCoin meeting: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/mtrxzplmtjbc5p4rinmt356zbue

All are welcome! Feel free to stop by when convenient, we'll be there a few hours. Thanks for the continued support and have a great weekend!

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Also, while I have your attention, July's PoE reward pool is now over 8k EGC (with PoE power up now applied)! Please consider cutting yourself a slice of that pie by submitting your own PoE work share before month's end. It can be of any environmentally conscious task(s). Planting a plant, watering a plant, heck, even just a picture of a plant gets you some reward. https://evergreencoin.org/poe-submit/

Thanks in advance and to the treetop!

Proof of Environment (PoE) Submit

Proof of Environment (PoE) Submit Please first see the PoE introduction for an understanding of how PoE works.
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EverGreenCoin® (EGC)

#EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. just donated to @greenpeaceusa Join us and support their important work to protect the environment today! https://t.co/Uk1OyH9R0s You can help us gather our next donation at $EGC address EaddaRHAjVdnxzY1DeJ13Uuifaino48cjo & https://t.co/BjqHKkmsVC
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EverGreenCoin® (EGC)

#EverGreenCoin just donated to @NRDC! In the face of a planet-wide climate emergency, help fight back before it's too late. https://t.co/Lp7DiH2QdN or at $EGC address EHcSwz3wusbC1jC9Rpdp5jybmNqWyLNckd & https://t.co/aqRMQSk0vb Thanks for the support that made this possible!
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@Ibnadams IGDE website is and has been down. I'm removing links, so as to not have broken links. Can you advise on the status of the project? If no, I'm forced to remove as an authorized effort. I'll contact CryptoSolar in Discord also. Thanks.

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Ibn did respond privately. IGDE is just going through growing pains, but proceeding. We'll happily continue to support and just remove links. Hopefully only temporarily. ;)

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https://evergreencoin.org/product/french-creek-valley-conservancy-2019/ For the second year, we are gathering donations to have our impact doubled on Aug. 13th via Erie Gives Day! Thanks in advance if you can help on shorter notice! :)

French Creek Valley Conservancy 2019

French Creek Valley Conservancy 2019 Double your donation to the French Creek Valley Conservancy via Erie Gives Day!