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Hi Kate, many thanks for the kind words! Welcome to EGC! :) - posted by StevenSaxton

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Here is the link to today's EverGreenCoin weekly public meeting: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/gi5n4mj2i5dzpnbp72nxofryhue

All are welcome! We'll be here a few hours, so please feel free to stop by when convenient!

Have a great weekend!

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Hi all...
The Amazon Fire is terrible & considering EGC is all about charity & helping the planet, I was wondering:

1- Why I haven't seen the team Tweet about it (to help raise awareness)

2- Why we haven't created a charity fund to help support it (Either using EGC, or having a system where people can pay in native fiat, but it is converted to EGC to help create the transparency & build the usecase.

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EverGreenCoin® (EGC)

EverGreenCoin® (EGC) The #EverGreenCoin #EGC Reward Center is open for US #community members! Other countries, ASAP. Now $EGC receivers, from #PoE #ProofOfEnvironment or else-wise, can easily redeem for gift cards/codes. https://t.co/U7RNy8ULBK
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EverGreenCoin News Report - August, 2019

EverGreenCoin News Report - August, 2019 Agenda: - Price - Ad campaigns - (Note by Steven) Since this was recorded, Steven has meet with a Google Strategist. The google ads will perform much better ...