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Guys I have a quick question regarding nxt-clone-kit, is it possible to have more than 2 decimals in my new coin? - posted by inetics

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Any hints pls?

Actually, Nxt already has 8 decimal places. From https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/The_Nxt_API#Quantity_Units_NXT.2C_NQT_and_QNT πŸ‘‰ "...As of block 134,000 NXT became divisible to eight decimal places. Yet internally, the currency is still stored in integer form in units of NQT or NxtQuant, where 1 NXT = 10^8 NQT. All parameters and fields in the API involving a quantity of NXT are denominated in units of NQT, for example feeNQT. The only exception is the field effectiveBalanceNXT, used in forging calculations..."

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No, Nxt v1.12.0.e is an experimental release and it's not a mandatory update for the mainnet (only mandatory for the testnet). So you can keep running your node with v1.11.5 as you've been doing until now with no problemπŸ˜‰

nxt: 0.01353750062 USD (-2.46%)

But have not ardor , its normal ? @TGJ12

If you are refering to the Forging Rewards Program, it randomly selects one of the last 10 blocks and rewards the block generator with 20 IGNIS. So, you won't be receiving any ARDOR by means of this promotion, just IGNIS

Nxt and Ardor Forging Rewards are Back! | Jelurida

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