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hahaha yeah that helps out a lot with grammar - posted by Diogu

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Here you are folks app is live - Apps on Google Play - Apps on Google Play Open source cryptocurrency wallet for alternative blockchain based cryptocurriencies. AquariusCoin - ARCO LanaCoin - LANA NevaCoin - NEVA TajCoin - TAJ Netko - NETKO - Before sending any funds to your mobile wallet please make shure you have written the backup seed words and choosen a strong password to secure your wallet. - If you loose/forget your wallet password or your mobile get stolen/broken/hacked/damaged and you dont have your recovery seed we cant help you. - Your wallet is your responsibility. - We provide 2-4 backend electrum servers required for wallet to comunicate with the blockchains - Backend servers dont store your coins and only provide the connection the to blockchain network for wallet balance info and transmittion of your transactions once it is signed with your private key on your own device. - We dont have access to your coins, your seed backup or your public keys. - Private keys can be retrieved from the backup seed (again write it down and store it to a safe place). For…
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And today, i was thinking about the Nevacoin website, perhaps it'll good to promote links for to mine this coin, another good thing create a mining place, or to make a configured mining software to help people without good knowledge to mine it...Just some ideas...

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Yes good, I have installed the wallet on my Android phone, i need only to configure it but it great to have it on phone πŸ‘

Never ever take screenshots of your seed words and put up a wallet pass in case you loose your phone or gets stolen.