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That's how we secure the network - posted by Diogu

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With 10k NEVA at current stake diff aprox 1-2 pos blocks per day. But keep in mind Neva does not have masternode. Your 10k Neva is competing with other stakers for PoS block rewards.

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Mobile wallet is here (coins here do not stake becuase its a light wallet)

Jure (@staysecure) in NevaCoin video is out :) Enjoy!
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████ yeah!!!! 💪 😄

I personally dont like those web wallets, since browsers are not secure, a simple google extension can be hacked and spying on ones seed/passphrase and if a user gets compromised like that its gonna be hard to tell him the webwallet is just an interface. Like 95% of folks dont get it that for example is not a wallet or a bank but a simple interface to the ethereum blockchain, where user holds the keys to his/her coins.

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Yes but i musst learn it slowly😅 im not good in this thing😅

Learning is the most important part here. Too many where rushing to the crypto crazy train with zero knowledge. Most of those lost money in bear market, hacks or scams.