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My entry price was $200 - posted by The_Novice_Nervous

Sacrilegious Binance Reorg Would ‘Erode’ Bitcoin: Blockstream

Sacrilegious Binance Reorg Would ‘Erode’ Bitcoin: Blockstream By CCN: Blockstream CEO Adam Back told the What Bitcoin Did podcast that the block reshuffling proposed by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao would raise “geopolitical issues” had it been attempted. Accept That Bitcoin Is Final Back explained

Just fork Bitcoin again. BTC-binance. It couldn't be worth less than BSV, could it? I think every time an exchange is hacked, they should hard fork bitcoin and pay us all.

I mean thats a decent idea for them in a way but they already have Binance coin on it’s own chain now im sure they can scheme something outta BNB to create $40 mln

I've heard discussions from other coins teams, one suggestion was to blacklist the addresses held by liquidators through a hard fork, so liquidators can't spend it, prior to hardfork, rendering the confiscated coins useless.Any opinions on this?