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Additionally, your gouvernement likely already has your passwords anyway. 🙈 - posted by Mo

What quantum computing currently can do is baffling in the sense of operating as two states at once but that doesn't lead to any type of scare against contemporary computing that is useful. It can factor very predetermined states magnitudes faster than contemporary binary computers, but these serve no purpose. The statements of Google about "Quantum Supremacy" are buzzwordy, and they don't mean what you think they mean.

also currently has no error correction like classical computing, and most all the results these larger 50-100 some qubit machines are garbage in the sense of being correct, or garbage data. They have to be finely tuned to run one specific route, they find tons of routes and then scientists in quantum field have to spend a bunch of time determining if any of the data is remotely accurate or just essentially a type of multistate random guesses

quantum decoherence which ruins the data, and the data is always full of quantum noise with almost no fault tolerance or error correction. In classical computing you have crc, redundant error correction in the processor. Quantum is barely more than just a buzzword in terms of what it can compute, which is almost nothing. Its amazing that it can place the state in 1 and 0 or a combination all at once, but currently its extremely limited.