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Also the coins added are voted by masternode or something like that. - posted by clockuniverse

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🚀 Hello! Good News!
🚀 We have opened Dex-Platfrom!
🚀 To celebrate the Binance DEX, we have committed a total of 5000 Bitcoin & 20000 Ethereum to give away to our fans worldwide.
✅ Participate https://testnet-launch.com
✅ Official group t.me/joinchat/KsdfzlKj3cd1Cha2efkXGQ

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April 25th Terracoin Video Update! https://youtu.be/OnY-2Hig-sA

April 25th Weekly Terracoin Update

April 25th Weekly Terracoin Update This is a weekly video compliment to our weekly blog about the current state of Terracoin. Cryptopia coin info page https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/CoinInfo/?coi...
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You can post your offer in this channel. Could you tell us the name of your exchange and any information you would need in order to list TRC?

Thank you for reaching out. Hope to hear from you soon.

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I looked at this when I woke up and it made me laugh because you waited 7 minutes for a response, then went troll mode, and three minutes later @Salvarth answered your question. Most of the team lives in North America so we are alseep at that time. Thanks @Salvarth for answering his question!

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I figured you mate. Might be interested in increasing your crypto assets!!. If you don't then your still in luck😁. I can Fund your Coinbase account from £/$/€ with instant TX. 2.5k+ limits only. I'm full proof💯