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TRCpay does have a QR code. Insight has the ability to scan a code, but it just shows the address info. - posted by clockuniverse

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Forwarded to terracoin,

🚀 Binance_Chain and Binance_DEX Giveaway
🔥 We are excited to announce that both the Mainnet and the DEX have been launched
💰 To celebrate, we have committed a total of 2500 Bitcoin & 25000 Ethereum to give away to our fans worldwide
💸 In order to be eligible, users must have minimum 0.05 BTC or 1 ETH

📖 Step-by-step guide

1. Visit the competition page: https://bit.ly/2WEYF3E
You can use any EXCHANGE or WALLET in this event
3. All persons are able to participate, including those in the United States

✅ Thank you for your support!

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It has been like 4 months since they shut down trading. I can't believe it is taking so long for them to get trading back up.

Any idea when will cryptopia trade open?

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I'm actually pretty frustrated with Cryptopia. I have emailed them multiple times and I check their discord daily and it is total radio silence. They occationally update their list here: https://support.cryptopia.co.nz/csm?id=kb_article&sys_id=3422c911db5c378032a664a14a96193c