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What is the cleanest way to reuse a MN 5K transaction on another system? - posted by cryptotaboo

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Back 15 or so years ago in San Diego there was some military subcontractor that was struggling and they couldn't pay thier subcontractors but none of those subcontractors canceled their services. They knew if they canceled their services they would be on the bottom of the list to finally get paid. Eventually that company declared bankruptcy and it was like dominos of companies declaring bankcruptcy. Maybe it was something like that.

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Like TheSin said, it is really easy. Shut down your local Terracoin wallet, change the masternode.conf file with the new IP address. Set up your new masternode with that aliases info (new IP, masternodeprivkey and txid). When you start it from the local wallet again the IP will change and you are good to go.