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May 30th Weekly Terracoin Video Update! https://youtu.be/sjzgObb5ZG0 - posted by clockuniverse

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May 30th Weekly Terracoin Video Update! https://youtu.be/sjzgObb5ZG0

May 30th Weekly Terracoin Update

May 30th Weekly Terracoin Update This is a weekly video compliment to our weekly blog about the current state of Terracoin. SEC Opinion Letter https://wiki.terracoin.io/view/Securities_Opini...
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It will never happen

You never know, once Craig cracks open the million btc and dumps in the market that day bsv surpasses btc. I am not a fan of that dumbass though but people will be forced to like him n take his ████

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He may do whatever he wants with the satoshi coins in the bsv blockchain, but no way he can get access to the ones of the btc chain. no key, no coins. simple rule. bitcoin is not a corporation that must obey a court order to recover the "lost coins"

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@hsinad Stellar doc: https://www.stellar.org/developers/guides/issuing-assets.html , on top of that they also need to setup some system to accept deposits/withdrawals. Litemint only provide seamless deposit/withdrawals for MAG.

Issuing Assets | Stellar Developers

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Don’t forget to vote on the poposal. Only a couple of days left! Every vote counts.


I forgot about it too! Voting now!

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Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Warns US Government: β€˜I Will Bury You’

Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Warns US Government: β€˜I Will Bury You’ Bitcoin shill John McAfee, who's on the run from the law for tax evasion, taunted the U.S. government on Twitter, saying they better leave him alone.
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