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No news at all that I know of. - posted by clockuniverse

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Ripple Alum to Spearhead Binance US Crypto Exchange

Ripple Alum to Spearhead Binance US Crypto Exchange Catherine Coley's decision to leave Ripple and join Binance is another illustration of the musical chairs that have been taking place in the crypto space.
CCN Markets
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I am not sure. They would have to sell all their TRC to get the fiat to send it to us. From what the article says it sounds like they have a lot of work on their hands with all the accounts. Plus, they don't even have the addresses of some coins users. For example, I have some Litecoin on there, but I never deposited any Litecoin on there.

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The use case is always going to be the same. To be used as a currency. I think that niche coins won't last. Also, both the ledger news and Cratex news is pretty new.

What measures are being taken to be used as a currency? I think it was trezor before ledger you guys were planning to list but they didn't list so now it has changed to ledger right.