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I thought that this is the new one. Are there more members? @Ruptan - posted by Steven


I thought that this is the new one. Are there more members? @Ruptan

This is the new official tele for BCF, our dev spidersbox just hasn't gotten to signing up yet. I've tried to finda s many BCF chats on tele as I could to direct them here

Welcome to the opening of the BitcoinFast telegram! Please watch here for future updates on wallets, progress on BitcoinFast, and who knows maybe even a small social media giveaway or two 😁 All this is to come in the future, so please stay tuned and be patient! BCF's time will surely come!

Hi guys! I have invested in BCF because I see it as the fast little brother of BTC. Unfortunately you can trade it only on Cryptopia. I don’t think it is enough to make it more popular.

Hey Fred, that's basically the same reason for me! A quicker / cheaper alternative for merchants already familiar with and trusting of Bitcoin technology specifically seems to be BCF's best bet at success. Right now our dev Spidersbox is working on a wallet issue, and when it is fixed there will be a rollout of marketing. These are the short-term plans for now!

Omg everyone check out the Brave browser. It's the browser of the Better Attention Token (BAT) made by the creator of JAVASCRIPT!! And co-founder of Firefox. But Firefox has been murdering me every time I open 8 tabs recently and taking up 6GB of memory. Same stuff open on Brave and 1.7GB memory. It stops trackers and has built in adblock but you pay sites in tokens according to usd value or something like that. Really cool