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Hello Bullionaires! - posted by elambert2014


Any eta on the new masternode wallet?

Few more detailson that here: https://steemit.com/cbx/@cbx/cbx-masternodes-coming-soon

CBX Masternodes Coming Soon — Steemit

CBX Masternodes Coming Soon — Steemit Are you Ready for CBX Msternodes? There is an exciting CBX roadmap currently in progress. One of the most exciting… by cbx

What's the reason for a cap of 250 in master nodes? Is it just to ensure a decent amount of the supply is still circulating?

It is actually 125 masternodes total. I beleive this is so that can still offer staking to people who have less than 2000cbx for a masternode. With staking they can earn 3-6% yearly interest, dependent on particpation. Please correct me if I am wrong Chris.