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you can copy and rename it to bullion.conf - posted by Alec40Gr


we need more marketing

Totally agree, anybody have any ideas?

The thing with CBX is, it's been around long before any ICO. It's been built on a voluntary basis, with money out of the pockets of the devs and donations from the community.

There is a contributed development fund, and its the staking interest earned from this that will pay for future development and advertising.

At current price levels, this won't stretch very far.

Once the dev teams income increases I expect things to be able to move a lot faster. Advertising, new exchanges etc...

We need the community to get behind some sort of campaign and start spreading the word.

We only need a handful of serious investors for things to start taking off.

I'm just part of the community, no idea of marketing strategies, but I'm behind any movement to make people more aware of CBX.

I'm sure it would bring in a lot of interest from people new to crypto and not sure of the way these groups work. These are the people that are targeting.
Shame that these people will be left ripped off and out of pocket. Not a good thing for people just getting into crypto.

I try to remove as soon as I can.