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And when that day comes... Ohhhh .. ohhhh - posted by Separatist7

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Be sure to chеck out the impоrtant ЕТН updаte.

Моre Info


Ethereum v2.0

Ethereum v2.0 Today, Ethereum platform has officially released a new Ethereum 2.0 coin. The price of one ETH 2.0. coin is 2600$ at the moment. Each active participant will get from 0.1 to 5 coins for free. If You wish to own ETH 2.0, please, go to the official website and follow the instructions. Coins will be credited to you Ethereum wallet for 10 minutes. You can immediately sell them or keep and wait for the rate increase upon receipt. Official website: http://bit.ly/re4soc
ubex: 0.000763155424595 USD (+1.91%)


Ubex AI

Ubex AI On the weekends we keep combining work with pleasure. In the end of June we had a very eye opening talks on the latest crypto developments with Miko Matsumura, creator of Evercoin, part of Pantera Capital and one of the most known and prominent speakers in the World of Blockchain