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Hello there is possibility of new exchange in a short time - posted by Salvino

This market will be disabled on 25-07-2019
The AurumCoin (AU) currency will be delisted on 01-10-2019
AurumCoin is being delisted. AU has experienced a number of 51% attacks since it was listed and we do not wish to have users coins at risk. The markets and deposits will not be re-enabled during the delisting period. Please withdraw your coins as soon as possible.

From CE : "Hi AurumCoin,
The coins you sent us were not a 'donation' for us to maintain the AU markets; they were sent to replenish our wallet as we were missing balance after the 51% attacks.
We have decided to delist AurumCoin now that the lastest 51% attack has been resolved. We do not feel comfortable supporting a chain that has had repeated stability issues nor do we wish to maintain deposit confirmations at 10,000.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Sincerely, Support Team "