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In future we will start selling coins for 1 ounce, this coins will be gold-backed and buyers can convert them to gold units. According the exact amount they buy from us. This means not all AU will be gold-backed but value is known and constant.

This is why we advise to buy/hold and not to sell.

From traders group AurumCoin:
Bid: 111 AU for 1 BTC. Min trade: 1 BTC. Fee: 10% . Traders can trade directly between users with no fee, fee is only when using us as an otc, kyc is required above 5 BTC.

99.9 AU after fee, 0.9 BTC after fee, only AU buyers now for long term holding.

Dear consider,

I have downloaded the desktop wallet as per the instructions on the file. But im stucked while i was setting up the application. The issue is i can not see my coins in the wallet. Either i need to log in to it or i have to extraxt data and import in the wallet. Can you please advise and give more details about the steps?
Thanks in advance