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macOS (OSX) client - posted by aneziz

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Vincenzo Dionisio

Vincenzo Dionisio @Ledger as we know the #NanoS has a serious error for months with the #XST @stealthsend crypto; in fact the funds are blocked and nobody does anything. If the same problem happened with #BTC #ETH or #XRP @Ripple during the #bullRun? #ripple #bitstamp #binance
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I also opened the ticket in assistance but it is necessary to act also on Twitter in an intelligent way insinuating the doubt that what happened to XST could happen at BTC ETH XRP. We need to pressure all together

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Yeah their automatic reply on my support ticket stated that they have excessive load of tickets and it could take up to 5 days to get back to me. So considering this and the fact that XST is not their high priority coin, we could be waiting quite a bit untill they sort this out.

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I think we should politely complain on Twitter. We should all act together as a community and demonstrate that the problem damages so many people and that it could happen for other crypts too, so we are losing faith in the ledger

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XST coin want to buy.
how can i do?
Admin help me

So you did some research on XST that helped you decide to buy it. But you couldn't find any info about where to buy it? Sounds legit🙃