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Let me know if u need any help with UI/UX thats my profession :) - posted by suddenthirst

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Assuming the price of XST doesn’t go down (it is a big assumption, but it helps just for calculations), then you only need $5 * 12 / 20% = $300 of XST to break even on server costs.

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A better option could just be an RPI, which has an up front investment but no real additional investment. There are power costs but it is no where near $5/mo

Would be my solution too. Specific the 4GB RAM Raspberry pi 4.

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Rpi? What is that?

A developer board. Very much used by makers. Weather stations, house automation, rc robots. The usability is endless. But in fact the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB DDR4 RAM is a ████ of a mini pc.