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Stealth Quantum Proof-of-Stake public testnet participants needed! We offer 10000 XST bounty for every tester. Get involved or via Telegram Welcome to the holy grail of crypto! #fast #feeless #private #scalable
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Will be pi3 enough?Prpbly u gonna need 24/7 vps and intermediate skills in Linux like Ubuntu,Debian.Lets see.

I’m going to try to make enough docs so that you can have beginner skills in Linux.

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In the tweet we said 10k XST per tester. Right now, we are thinking to cap at 10 testers, but we are still debating. That means right now we think an ideal number is 10 nodes on the testnet, plus the one or two the team will run.

Each person (tester) can compete with only 1 node for this phase of the testnet.

When we said “We offer 10000 XST bounty for every tester”, that needs clarification, which we will put down in formal rules. By that, it means the total reward pool will be 10k XST per tester. What we didn’t mention in the tweet because of space is that the reward pool will be divided according to earnings. So, just by entering, you aren’t guaranteed 10k XST. You still have to compete for every XST you are rewarded. You could end up earning 20k XST or 5K XST depending on how well your staker performs. This keeps people from just registering and then doing nothing and still collecting 10k XST.

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Aaah i got it.So max reward for 1node is 10k so you are about to use 100k xst Max for testerts.What tippi toppi means man.If connection drop down then im loosing right? Hehe

No, the max reward for a node is whatever you earn from the 100k XST. Let’s say there are 10 testers, meaning there are 10 nodes. That’s 100k XST total in the reward pool. Let’s say you earn 2000 tXST (testnet XST), and everyone else earns 1000 tXST. This means you will get:

2000 tXST * 100000 XST / (2000tXST + 9 * 1000tXST) = 18181.81818182 XST