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leave him to sleep ... this robot sleeps :) - posted by filiponder

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My calculation is if you buy 30mh for 24h it will cost 0.07 btc and at this moment you can sale 6m coin you will get 0.06 btc. Daily output of the network is more than 6m if you get 3 blocks per min. Total network hash is half of that now. Those miners whose are selling just doubled their investment and will rent hash again. It will go infinitely as you see what happened with tips. I would like to suggest mine rather than buy till cmc listing and mining adopting if you care for your investment and this project.

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The amateurs explain mining here. Humans did not know what mining was until yesterday. The FED has 120 blocks per hour, 120x1473x24. FED per day is mined 4 mill to 5 mill. One will be 4 milli per day, second. 5 mill.A average is 4.5.

fedoracoin: 0.0000040001489218 USD (+8.55%)

The FED is mining 4.2 million per day. And if someone has 20 or 30 mh, there can be no profit at these prices. It has 120 blocks per hour, and that's it. It does not matter the net hash, it will have an average of 120 blocks per hour .