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It represents our complete tech vision for Fedora Gold. Some very cool stuff that no other coin projects are doing ๐Ÿ™‚ - posted by robotsoutofcontrol

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Ok, thanks.. Got a lot of Fedora tips, don't know what to do with it

Hi Kester. The project team is currently swapping Tips->FED coin (the new, CryptoNote based Fedoracoin).

However the swap rate is 50 Tips to 1 FED. The price is of FED is down a bit at the moment, so IF you do want FED coin then you will get more by selling the Tips at Gate.io, then buying FED at Altilly.com or Coinexchange.io

This is not financial advice however ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just information in case you are interested

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Hi All,

We have detected a network problem - thanks to Filip for raising this. It has been escalated to Jojapoppa (Dev Lead) to fix. Hope to have an update soon.
Until then - it's best to hold off on sending/receiving FED coin because your transaction will be stalled.

What we suspect has happened is that we have attracted some attention from attackers (again) and they are trying to pointlessly attack the network (again).

They have NEVER succeeded by the way, even after trying hundreds of times and wasting thousands of dollars of hash power. Our ring signatures and custom CryptoNite7 block them every single time.

But there is an annoying side effect of the attack. What happens is that transactions grind to a stop while they are attacking us. This is why we recommend holding off on sending until resolved in a couple of hours.

When we release wallet based mining in the near future it will make it exponentially harder for even these denial attacks to slow us down, because the amount of mining will scale the network power dramatically.

Once things are back to normal we will advise ๐Ÿ˜Š