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Just to be clear this doc is not all comprehensive/ finished/ or officially approved by the FLO team... it’s a Work in progress.

Also, reading the last 350 messages I gather some positives.

1. Devon suggested some ideas about Trezor issue. Can we dive into the details and propose a vote for final resolution/implementation?

2. Devon gave some great info about the recent Hx and progress of OIP/Alexandria. Can we organize a community update/ liaison to him at a minimum “quarterly”? It seems fair to update the Flo community only 4x annually. N has been ridiculed as much as he’s ridiculed others. Fact is he and others have had to throw a fit about Trezor for months to finally get 1 response. This is a break down of communication between the team/ community. It’s not justified per-say but it’s all relative to how you perceive the problem. And it is a problem. Lets use this lack of a bridge between devs and community and build one. Isn’t that all we want? To know WTF is going on with the project we all love and support?

3. Flo in NYC! Who’s making dates/organizing? Some people need a heads up to get time off. We could film some interviews and organize a community update thru an event like this...