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When will the trade in begin? Roadmap says August. The minute a roadmap goes out of date, you start losing trust and confidence from a community. If you know a target date can't be accomplished in time, there should be an explanation just to keep everyone in the loop. I really don't want to be going down the same route, that a lot of us have been led down in the past.
Aptum is an ambitious project and I expect there will be hurdles, but I will repeat once again that the time you all discuss things behind the scenes, is no good if the audience has walked out when you pop your head through the curtains



Once again, the most vocal of the followers have been absorbed into dark void of the CBX nether regions. Their souls have been dragged into the depths, led astray by an enchanting tune so sweet and melodic.
What once were fervent beings, now lie torn and twisted, unheeding to the outside world.

The heart of the beast beats solemnly, undying, waiting for resurrection. Hoping for insurrection. Is all hope lost? Is it all lost hope? I hope not!!
Only time will reveal what burden this beast has carried for us.