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Dear Crypto Community!

As a developer I have created and put together a package for the community.
Those of you in this group are the FIRST among thousands to have access to it.

What I have developed is a package on how to achieve 30KH/s
Mining any Crypto Currency!

The package contains video files,
Text notes and step by step instruction guides on how to achive an output of a maximum Of 30 000Hashes/second

In multiple languages to help everyone understand!

Requirements are
windows 7,8,10
Or any Mac OS
Stable internet connection

It is a guaranteed minimum of 15 000 hashes
And a maximum of 30 000 Hashes

With 30KH/s will generate over 1200$ monthly with my package!


I have designed and created this for any person on this earth to understand it is VERY BASIC to understand
Everything is detailed and explained very easily.
(my 8 year old sister could set it up)

For those of you who are interested please contact me.